The beauty of Tang owns the beauty of enchanting men and women, making the dynasties phen wind and waves


As one of the beauties that made the history of the Tang dynasty, Duong Ngoc Hoan inherently possessed the image of a fairy who had to save the eternal bad. Before he was the daughter-in-law of the king, 5 years later became a charismatic king who was the best of the third palace.

Referring to Duong Ngoc Hoan no one does not know the reputation of her being handed down. Ngoc Hoan is one of the four great beauties of Chinese history, whose beauty is so beautiful that every time she watches the flowers, her beauty makes the flower “cower by shame”.

According to the historical record: “The American lady Duong possesses a round and happy beauty. Therefore, she was soon chosen to be Tho Vuong Phi, giving the 18th prince of Duong Minh Hoang to Tho Vuong Ly Mao at the age of 14. But because they were too young, they never had a real married life. And the beauty of the beautiful “tendency of the country” has made her life begin to experience turbulence in the harem.

Because of his love for Vo Hue Phi, when this person died, King Tang Minh Hoang, Xuanzong, proved quite sad and tired of the domain because he missed him. But when he saw Ngoc Hoan five years later, he immediately broke all traditional rituals and found every way to enlighten her as Phi Phi. That makes Hoang Tho Vuong extremely angry. ”

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